Eric Grafstrom

Startup Coach &
Fractional CxO

Proven track record working with more than 20 venture-backed companies in Silicon Valley in various executive and CxO roles and will cut through the bull$%t and get to core issues quickly

I help founders simplify & priotize

Starting a company is overwhelming. Too many things to do and input from every direction. I meet with founders and teams to and help identify where to focus time and resources.

How I Can Help

Building your

Fundraising strategy

plans & budgets

Deciding if you should pivot


Startups are hard and mistakes are part of it

Hiring at an early stage startup is different

About Me

I was one of the first to sell webcasting at and then moved from Dallas to London after Yahoo! acquisition working across Europe.

Landed with Yahoo! in Silicon Valley where I ran business development for a $600M business unit and jumped back into startups working with dozens of startups backed by some of the biggest names in venture capital. I am the founder at ExitGuide, a startup that is democratizing M&A for small business.

Eric Grafstrom


How do you work with founders or early stage startups?

Coaching sessions are regular meetings with a set agenda. Frequency depends on how much progress can be made in between sessions. I typically send an agenda before we meet and strongly recommend the agenda be collaborative so we focus on what you need. I also send a post meeting follow up in bullet point format.

How do you charge?

I charge an hourly rate - most clients book me 1 - 3 hours per week and we have a set agenda for each session. I also can join Slack and address questions in between our sessions.


Is there minimum commitment?

No, if a single session helps you, that’s great. I’m a founder too - I get it and we can work together for weeks or months or on an as needed basis. Time is money, both of us are busy so let’s meet when it is helpful to you


What don’t you do?

Anything design related. I can provide an opinion on something but that’s it. While I have a broad range of verticals, I have no experience in Web3 so probably won’t help you there. I am not an engineer either.


Do you take equity for payment?



What makes you different from other startup coaches?

There are some great resources out there but there are also a lot of “coaches” that have not worked in a startup or been a founder. I use my decades of experience to provide pointed feedback and guidance to help you focus and hopefully avoid common mistakes. If I think an idea or approach is bad, I’ll tell you. What you do with my advice is up to you.


I am interested, what’s next?

Book a 15-minute call and we can discuss if I can be of help

All queries are replied within 24hrs.

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